[nafex] willows-fire-and ice

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Tue May 1 08:04:41 EDT 2001

	Willows.   As I'm watching our pussy willows blossom this week I think to 
take cuttings and plant a few hundred feet along one of our new 
ponds...anyone know the best time of year and type of cutting to stick in 
the ground?
	Fire.     Came home from a blacksmith conference this weekend to 30 mph 
winds, smoke in the air, and watching from our picture window a forestry 
airplane skimming the treetops dropping its load of water and going back to 
the nearby lake and scooping up another load, over and over.....flying so 
slow and low over trees and power lines. Thats one man who's hand I'd like 
to shake.
	Ice.   With the amazing weather reversals this week....from 8" snow to 
forest fires....Im a bit  behind in grafting and transplanting. Went down 
into our ravine and found huge blocks of ice. Hauled what a I could up to 
our basement and layed it on the wet sand where I'm keeping stock I'm 
processing.....its really helping the dormancy and sanity here for a couple 
days.       Mn. Del

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