[nafex] Cadet and Kerr

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Tue May 1 00:57:50 EDT 2001

a few comments about your post.
1- Morden is in Manitoba, Canada. I doubt that it could be "only a couple 
miles from his home in ND"... But then, if I look at the map, I see it is
about 10 miles from the US border. Your friend must be very close to the
2- Golgo - this sounds strange. Is it Dolgo? But then one wouldn't compare
it to Haralson.
3- Kerr - I am also a bit disappointed with it: not vigorous, slow growing,
doesn't bear young, shy bearer. Fruit much smaller than what I had expected
(actually just a slight bit larger than Dolgo). Maybe some of my problem
comes from the rootstock (M.111, this is my only tree on M.111, so I can't
compare). Maybe also the tree I have is not really Kerr...

Claude, Quebec

A 03:50 01.05.01 -0000, vous avez écrit :
>I found out that Cadet is not a plum or pear but rather an apple. Its 
>the strangest looking apple scionwood I've had. At any rate, it is 
>listed in Edible Apples of Prairie Canada. A correspondent of mine in 
>North Dakota says that it came from Morden Nurseries, only a couple 
>miles from his home in ND. He says that it is better than Kerr, about 
>the size of Rescue, maybe a little larger, (large for an apple crab) 
>and that it is hard yet very juicy and sweet, and super hardy.
>On another note:
>This same gentleman has been looking for an apple that he really 
>likes called Goldo which he prefers to Haralson and which keeps 
>nearly as long. Has anyone still got this apple?
>My Kerr trees have been quite unusual, they grow very slowly which 
>seems unusual to me seeing that it becomes a very large tree at 
>maturity. Or is my memory failing me. Does Kerr produce a full size 
>tree? Its early growth is like a dwarf, slow growing and bearing very 
>young. Is this the experience of other Kerr growers? 
>I think Kerr is an excellent apple, crisp, juicy, and sweet (nicely 
>balanced actually). This correspondent of mine however doesn't think 
>much of it. Any opinions out there?
>Kevin B

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