[nafex] Ultra-Northern Pecans - in Minnesota?!

Lucky Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Mar 28 10:18:43 EST 2001

Clifford England made the following post to the Indiana NGA discussion 
list.  Don't know if he's planning to double-post to NAFEX or not, but I 
thought this might be of interest to some of the NAFEX members in more 
northern areas, and some of you who grow the varieties he asks about may be 
able to answer some of his questions.
I've left his URL and email address, in the event any of you care to 
discuss this with him.

Lucky Pittman
Hopkinsville, KY

Clifford England wrote:
>Wesley Rice
>      Wrote recently in the NNGA Annual a excellent Article on Northern 
> Pecans but It left Me with many unanswered questions in-selecting 
> Ultra-Northern  pecans Our area is Zone 5b 1,800 ft elevation and tonight 
> it is 22 degree F. out side ( in the green house I have chestnut seedling 
> 8 inches tall with new growth on grafted chestnuts 6 to 8 inches long, 
> Hickories, pecans and walnuts in full leaf)  I know our electric bill 
> will be outrageous this month.  So it does get pretty cold here.
>The question
>#1,  I plan to offer Snaps early Pecan, Carlson #3, and others (scion wood 
>from John Gordon) in the Coming years but I have not researched a good 
>pollinator for Ultra-Northern pecans, We have Major, Posey, Pawnee and 
>others to follow with some seedling producing ( planted in 1968 began to 
>bear nuts in 96 and 97).    What Will the 2 Ideal Pollinators for a 
>Ultra-Northern be.
>#2, What are the nuts per pound on Snaps, Carlson #3 and Greenriver?
>#3, What is Known about the Fisher pecan, number per pound and Is it 
>considered a Ultra northern pecan?
>#4,  The Stark H. Giant - is there Patent rights pending and what is the 
>nuts per pound?
>3 weeks ago some one called and asked if we sold pecans and we conversed 
>about the subject.    He stated that their was a lot of pecans in his area 
>but they were small (about small marble size, a little longer) and the 
>birds pack them off and the SQUIRRELS just eat so many of them that when 
>the birds and squirrels was done they barely had enough to bake a few pies 
>for the holidays and I ask this gentleman where he lived He stated South 
>Eastern Minnesota and began telling me about the Mississippi River that he 
>could step across and not muddy his boots.
>You Know If I lived in Minnesota I would absolutely be tickled to have a 
>pecan that produced any thing small or other and would be happy about 
>it.   I think I would find ways to stop the squirrels.
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