[nafex] Re: Elaeagnus family (how to approach unknown plants)

Robert H. lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 28 09:01:04 EST 2001

--- In nafex at y..., Don Yellman <dyellman at e...> wrote:
> Robert: I think if I had this plant I would just step back and enjoy 
it for a
> while.  There is normally some objective in mind before one goes out 
> graft, hand-pollinate or otherwise manipulate a plant.  (Ready, 
fire, aim.)

I havent bought the plant yet, I just saw it cheap at the nursery and 
was curious about it.  If I do get it, it may be something I will keep 
in a pot or put at my parents house for now. Its amazing how question 
just pop in my head when I see a familair name on a plant. :)

> How are your other extensive planting plans proceeding?  I hope I 
was able to
> prevail on you to scale back a little on the numbers of plants lest 
> become too crowded.  Having planted a somewhat unusual fruiting 
bush, you are
> already a certified fruit explorer?

The plants I have planted so far are doing pretty well. This  early 
spring with periodic freezing temps done here have me consern about a 
few though.  The Hardy Kiwi's leaves are not so hardy, though the vine 
seems to be fairing ok. Curiously though, I have read that the vine is 
a vigorous grower, but in the past year I have seen mostly 
leaves..maybe an inch or two growth. I think it might be last years  
drought. Plus they need time to get established after the spring 
planting. None of the my plant grow that much. 

I have changed the plans a bit. I got rid of the Mulberry trees idea 
and a few others. I may be going about this a little fast. I wont be 
doing any understory plants till the ones I have reach a fair size. A 
few of the plants I found out will not work here anyway. The plans I 
have will be in constant change, thats why I posted it. It all a big 
experiment. I expect a few failures. I was hoping (and glad)to get 
this kind of feedback and discussion. I still would like to see what 
others are doing (plans or pictures). Its hard enough finding good 
pictures of the minor fruits themselves - less how it looks in the 
landscape with others. 

>Study up on Eleagnus, and 
> experiences with other growers.  But let your little bush grow 
peacefully for
> now.

Yes this will have to wait.  I am just trying cutting rights now. I 
have yet to do layering, grafting, and buddding yet.  I do have two 
small apple trees I grew from some old store fruit.  This seems like a 
prime candidate for my first practice tree.  But thats much later.
Dont worry I will keep everyone updated. I also hope to see some of 
you at the SFF meeting in Florida in June.

> Best Regards, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

Thanx again or your input

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