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H.Dessureault inter.verbis at atreide.net
Thu Mar 15 14:43:43 EST 2001

Dear Nafexers,
Here is my solution for tree tags.

I use metal cans, soft drinks, beers and the like, which I cut into strips with a heavy metal scissor.
I print the name of the variety on the metallic plain side with a pen designed to identify computer and other valuables. I believe it has a diamond tip or something similar.
I pierce a hole in the tag with a nail. 
I attach it to the tree with metal wire.
I keep track of what is in the field in a book which I update every year.

The metal side of the can do rust after a while, but the letters remain quite visible. It is good for 4-5 years. I check the metal wire now and then to make sure it is not too tight. 

It does not look as fancy as other solutions which were put forth, but if you do it for yourself, it is free and easy to retrieve from the recycling bin. Not to mention that you have quite a range of colours to choose from.

For grafting, I use a temporary label made from surveyor's tapes which comes in many colours as well, or cut up plastic bags, to protect the graft and identify it, until I know that the graft is successful.

Hélène D. 
In Québec
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