[nafex] Re: Yahoo signup

Kieran or Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Mar 15 10:36:33 EST 2001

Well guys, I have been through the Yahoo signup myself now, trying to get
onto another newlist that I used to be on before THEY also switched.  I was
annoyed by the list of questions and lied about them all.  I had to actually
get out a book full of Latin plant names to find an "ID" that was not
already taken, finally they accepted "abelmoschus" after claiming that
Amaranth, Brassica, Madra (Irish for dog) and several others were all taken.
THEN and only then did they inform me that I hadn't told them an email
address to sign up from.  After another 15 minutes searching for somewhere
to complain, and failing, I went back and tried to "convert" our email
address (that's what their form said I was doing) only I had to have an
authorization code, and there was no sign of one in the confirmation address
I sent.  In short, I can find no way to sign up for that group.  Thank
goodness I somehow got swept in with the NAFEX conversion, or I'd be out of
this group too.  I think my blood pressure has finally dropped down to
normal levels in the time it's taken to type this.(I type kinda slow)  Hey,
one of the "ID" names they told me was already taken was "Yahoostinks".  A
pity, I'd have liked to be able to sign in with that one.  Also
"yahoo_stinks" is taken.  Now I want to see if I get a lot of spam having to
do with my supposed profession as some kind of banking manager.   Donna

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