[nafex] Rooting Prunus

Tom Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Tue Mar 13 08:52:47 EST 2001

Hello All,

I just got word that my winter dormant prunus cuttings are
on their way, and I want to review the rooting steps I have
found for prunus with you.  If I have made a mistake please
let me know.  I have gleaned this specific steps from
various areas of the web and your suggestions;

Rooting prunus;

     1)  Sterilize cuttings in bleach solution.  I am
     using a
          moderate solution of 2 drops of bleach to a
     cup of

     2)  Cuttings should be trimmed to 15cm in length.

     3)  Basal end should have a small 1/2" amount of
          removed from one side of cutting.

     4)  Treat basal ends with rooting hormone.
          makers of water saluable ABA suggests 1/2 a
          in 1 liter of water (weak solution) and soak
     for up
          to 12 hours (weak solution, long soak) for

     5)  Rooting medium is 50% perlite and 50%

     6)  In damp rooting medium poke a hole deep enough
          accomodate the cuttings except for the top
     three buds.

     7)  Before inserting cuttings in holes put 1/8th
     tsp of mycorrhiza
          fungi into hole.

     8)  Insert cuttings into rooting medium and firm
     in (not too firm).

     9)  Place cuttings in humidity chamber with bottom
     heat of 70F.
          (misting system if you have one)

     10) Heep humidity up and air temp down around
     cuttings.  Since
           the bottom heat raises the temperture in the
     humidity chamber
           I will be putting 4 (2 liter) bottles of
     frozen water in the chamber to
           reduce air temperature.  Replace frozen
     water bottles daily (thank
           goodness I have lots of empty pop bottles
     and a big freezer).

     11) Mist cuttings daily with weak chlorine
     solution (1 drop bleach to
           1 cup of water. (very small drips).  This
     acts as a mild fungicide

     12) Keep rooting medium damp till they root.

Please keep in mind that rooting the cuttings is my only
option at this time, and I am only looking for comments on
the process for rooting prunus cuttings.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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