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This is starting to make sense...

I have started chasing on the internet,  the link between
some mycorrhizal fungi's production of gibberellin-like
compounds (gibberellic acid, a growth enhancer), and how
they affect plant growth.  So if I am reading into this
properly, some strains of  mycorrhizal fungi produce
compunds that are similar to plant growth hormones (I bet
Lon covered this and I missed it).

Now I need to find an online thesis that explains the
"gibberellic acid-like compounds" produced by mycorrhiza

Do you have any specific knowledge Lon?  I will let you know
what I find.


"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:

> Gibberellic Acid (GA) is a plant growth hormone that
> causes elongation of shoots, and reduces or eliminates
> dormancy in seeds.  It is also the same hormone used to
> increase set and berry size in seedless grapes.  GA is
> also sold as "tomato set" as it will make tomatoes set,
> usually with very few seeds in the fruits.  It was first
> isolated from a fungus that causes "crazy rice" disease in
> which rice plants get excessively elongated stems, making
> the plant fall over.
>     GA will reduce or eliminate dormancy in many species
> of seeds.  Peach seedlings that have not had enough
> chilling will be very short with rosetted leaves, but when
> treated with GA, they grow normally.  It has been used to
> reduce or eliminate dormancy in Rubus (raspberry and
> blackberry) seeds, and many other plants.
> -Lon Rombough
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> Subject: [nafex] Gibberellin (GA)
> Date: Sat, Mar 10, 2001, 3:13 PM
>      Hello,
>      The following web page talks about Gibberellin
>      (GA) can be used to bypass apple seed
>      stratification.  Does anyone know what it is?
>      ======
>      http:/
>      agschool.fvsc.peachnet.edu/html/Publications/PlantScience/ars102.htm
>      <http://agschool.fvsc.peachnet.edu/html/Publications/PlantScience/ars102.htm>
>      "We concluded that Gibberellin (GA) treatment of
>      dormant apple embryos could be used to bypass
>      stratification. This practice is suggested for
>      those who are not interested in higher rates of
>      germination and do not want to wait the minimum
>      time required for partial stratification.
>      Application of Cytokinins along with Gibberellin
>      (GA) treatment is further suggested to produce a
>      synergistic effect in the germination of dormant
>      apple seeds."
>      ========
>      The article also states that ABA (rooting
>      hormome) will hold a seed a seed in dormancy.
>      Something I never knew.
>      Strange that the hormone that helps stimulate
>      roots, will hold a seed in dormancy.
>      Regards,
>      Tom
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