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Gibberellic Acid (GA) is a plant growth hormone that causes elongation of
shoots, and reduces or eliminates dormancy in seeds.  It is also the same
hormone used to increase set and berry size in seedless grapes.  GA is also
sold as "tomato set" as it will make tomatoes set, usually with very few
seeds in the fruits.  It was first isolated from a fungus that causes "crazy
rice" disease in which rice plants get excessively elongated stems, making
the plant fall over.  
    GA will reduce or eliminate dormancy in many species of seeds.  Peach
seedlings that have not had enough chilling will be very short with rosetted
leaves, but when treated with GA, they grow normally.  It has been used to
reduce or eliminate dormancy in Rubus (raspberry and blackberry) seeds, and
many other plants.
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The following web page talks about Gibberellin (GA) can be used to bypass
apple seed stratification.  Does anyone know what it is? 


"We concluded that Gibberellin (GA) treatment of dormant apple embryos could
be used to bypass stratification. This practice is suggested for those who
are not interested in higher rates of germination and do not want to wait
the minimum time required for partial stratification. Application of
Cytokinins along with Gibberellin (GA) treatment is further suggested to
produce a synergistic effect in the germination of dormant apple seeds." 

The article also states that ABA (rooting hormome) will hold a seed a seed
in dormancy.  Something I never knew. 

Strange that the hormone that helps stimulate roots, will hold a seed in

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