[nafex] OT - message filters

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Sat Jul 14 10:28:15 EDT 2001

Vic, I have a filter that puts NAFEX stuff into its own folder that is
processed BEFORE the filters that throw away the trash.  There seem to
be many fewer ads appended to NAFEX files than in the past, so I don't
know what's triggering your filter, but try re-ordering you filters and
see if the problem goes away.  


"victoria l. caron" wrote:
> Does anyone know why all of a sudden some of my nafex group email has
> been filtering to the trash? I have my message filters set up to strike
> out stuff like "mortgage, FREE, debt, etc.," all the typical stuff as I
> get it in. Then I also have a few set up to organize the business
> emails. All of a sudden, in the past two days, (nafex) emails with
> aol.com addresses and only some of the bunny's started getting rerouted
> to the trash. I checked all my message filters and nothing should be
> happening like this.
> Some of you are just so computer literate, pas moi! This is really weird
> and I hope someone knows what the cause could be.  Going off for today,
> Thanks, ...................vic NH zone 3
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