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Thanks for your concern Kevin,

 Only kaolin, no aluminum or metals.  John

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I appreciate your responses to my questions about the added
ingredients to Surround.
However, I would like to know if there are any added metals to
I ask because I read in the patents site that a product registered by
Engelhard may contain aluminum, have not been convinced that it is ok
to eat aluminum even if it is bound with other molecules, whether the
FDA (or whoever) approves it or not, I don't eat baking powder with
aluminum in it for that reason, I do know that aluminum becomes more
available when acidic conditions exist, why couldn't this happen in
our stomachs.
We have a right to know the ingredients that we are eating and since ?
Surround is being advertised as "edible" and most people don't even
know that there are added secret ingredients, a lot of people are
thinking, "oh clay, that's even good for you,"and aren't bothereing
to wash the stuff off.
So I don't expect you, right at this moment to tell us what is in
Surround, but I will tell you that it is upsetting to me that
Surround is excempt from disclosing its ingredients. I think
Engelhard should be forced to list them as are other products that
find their way into our stomachs.
If you're wondering where my lack of trust is coming from, I'd have
to say that it stems from the GMO deception where these companies
glibbly and with a smile, when asked if the food was safe
replied, "surprise, you're already eating it".
We have a right to know what is in or on our food!

I made a list of all the ingredients that seemed possible additives
or residues that I don't recognize as edible and that from my
understanding (which is limited, I'm not a food scientist or chemist)
may be in Translink.RTM 77 which I suspect to be the patent name for
Surround WP:

attapugit, pyropphyllite, wollastonite, barytes, pyrogenic silica,
glass fibers, colorants, titanium dioxide, organic titantates,
organic zirconates, aluminum coupling agents,  silanes, stearic acid
and stearate salts, siloxane treatments, tetrsodium pyrophospate,
mica, nepheline, syenite, sodium hexametaphosphate, tetrasodium
pyrophosphate,  (used in bleaching?)
So let me ask you at least for now, not knowing much if anything
about the above ingredients, my concern mostly lies with the
aluminum, so, John, can you at least tell me if there is added
aluminum in Surround WP?
Kevin B

> Donna,
> I would wash for good sanitation but traces of Surround-alone are
not a
> health issue.  All the ingredients are listed for food use.
> John Mosko
> "Kieran or Donna" <redherring at t...> on 07/26/2001 09:36:16 AM
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> Subject:  [nafex] Re: Surround coating
> Considering how much clay I have deliberately eaten these last 10
years, at
> $8 a lb, (you can look up Pascalite on the net, it's incredible
stuff) I
> wonder if it's all that important to wash Surround off at all.  Or
would I
> be eating a lot of Spreader/Sticker with it?  Donna
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