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Plant some more trees!  It's almost as easy to manage a handful of trees as
it is to manage one!

25 lbs of Surround makes 50 to 100 gallons of spray. You'll be applying 4
to 8 times a season depending on how you use it.   A large tree can use a
gallon per spray but my Bud and M-9's take about a pint per spray or less -
less later in the season as the film becomes established and  I only need
to touch them up.  The product has indefinite shelf life as long as it
doesn't get wet.  Surround has other uses and is also labeled for cucumber
beetles, flea beetles, Japanese beetles, and many others.

Surround also offers heat stress and sunburn relief if you are in a hot
area.  It allows usable light through but reflects infrared light.
Overspray on the ground reflects more light back up to the plant too.

Any good quality one or two gallon hand held sprayer will do.  Back pack
sprayers are ok too.  Follow the mixing order of addition on the label.
Shake occasionally while applying in any case.  I save the leftover for up
to two weeks in a cool place (after that it might spoil if there are no
fungicides in the tank-mix).  Just invert the sprayer and blow all the air
out.  Next time just pump up, shake, and spray.  A good practice with any
sprays is to occasionally empty the tank completely, rinse the tank, blow a
bit of clean water out the nozzle, then allow the pump to dry in the sun to
discourage any kind of microbe buildup.

John Mosko

Ginda Fisher <ginda at concentric.net> on 07/23/2001 10:17:03 PM

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I have one apple tree and one grape vine.  I'm thinking of using
surround on them next year, but that's about all that's worth spraying.
How far does a 25 pound bag go?  How about a 5 pound bag?

Even if Garden's Alive is charging 3 times as much, if one 5 pound bag
will keep me in Surround for a couple of years, it will be cheaper for
me than a 25 pound bag from someone else.  I really don't want a 20 year
supply, because it will probably turn into plaster of paris or spill all
over the car upholstery, or something like that before it's used up.

Also, can anyone recommend a cheap sprayer suitable to use with surround
for a couple of plants?


john.mosko at engelhard.com wrote:
> The following sell ag-labeled product in 25 lbs bags:
> Seven Springs Farm -  VA offers convenient mail order for small growers
> www.7springsfarm.com
> Fedco -  ME offers convenient mail order for small growers
> www.fedcoseeds.com
> Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc. - CA  also offers mail order
> www.groworganic.com
> Many UAP retail locations in the Northeast and Great Lakes areas carry it
> www.uap.com/distribution-frames.html   -- will get you to their location
> map.
> Most dealers in WA, OR, and CA carry it.
> Many Fertrell dealers carry it.  www.fertrell.com   You can ask for the
> nearest dealer locations.
> Home Use Label in 5, 10, and 25 lb bags
> Garden's Alive! mail order catalogue offers the only gardening-label
> product - www.gardensalive.com
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