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> > Hi Scott
> > We grow 13 varieties of figs (8 are suitcase varieties), 3 varieties of
> > guava, 2 of passionfruit and a key lime (damn fine pie material).
> > Just destroyed our 2 varieties of bananas and our nespoli- felt we'd
> > get fruit from these.
> > Glad to hear other 'tryers' around
> > Cheers            Bert
> likewise I grow 12-13 varieties of figs, calmondin, persian lime, meyer's
> loquat (champagne), passiflora spp., fejoia (hasnt flowered after 7
years), zapotec
> guava.....   over the years Ive had a hell of a problem with scale on the
> because all the plants are wintered in south windows of several houses &
> trying many things to get rid of scale Ive found the simplest most organic
> solution.  pressure sprayer & water blasts everything away  like dormant
oil never
> will.
> bert, Im wondering if you've tried hardy chicago or everbearing figs grown
> doors...
> zone 4 sw wisconsin
Good morning
I have Hardy Chicago, Celeste, LSU Purple, and 8-10 other varieties of figs
Many years ago I buried my figs (only had two varieties in those days).
Found it was a lot of work, then in spring a lot of mold on the plants
(trees). As I got older, had 3 back operations I gave my big plants away and
now all are pot grown. When leaves fall outside in the fall, I dolly them to
back of my garage, add a cup of water every 2 weeks and think of spring. I
always root/grow a handful of fig cuttings to give as a thank you to any
interested grape cutting buyers.
My main interest is very cold hardy grapes- have 80 varieties here.
About the 4th day of +30'C here- two more to go. Our air conditioner broke
down yesterday. Hope serviceman gets here soon.
Cheers           Bert

Bert Dunn   RR4 Tottenham   Ont    zone 4b

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