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Don Yellman dyellman at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 21 22:45:58 EDT 2001

    I wonder how many of you jellymakers out there have tried Pomona's
Pectin.  It appears to be far superior to any similar product on the
market, and since we started using it about 10 years ago have never
returned to Sure-Jell, Certo, or any other supermarket pectin product.
Pomona's (no relation to the fruitgrowers review of the same name) works
on a different chemical principle than regular pectin, and can be used
with artificial sweeteners (for diabetics), honey, low-sugar, or no
sugar at all.  It reacts to the calcium in fruit, and, just to make sure
there is enough calcium available, they supply a packet of monocalcium
phosphate, which we always use since we are never sure of the cacium
content of our fruit.  When you use Pomona's you don't have to concern
yourself about the natural pectin content, if any, of your fruit.  I
think this stuff would jell beet juice.

    It would seem to be more expensive than regular pectin products, at
a little over $3 USD per box, but it makes at least three times as much
jelly (maybe four) per box as the others, so ends up being considerably
cheaper.  We have discovered, after extensive trials, that we can use
exactly half the recommended amount of pectin, and less than one-fourth
the sugar you would use with ordinary pectin, and obtain jelly of near
perfect consistency.  When we have used the full recommended amout of
pectin, it has actually set up too stiff.  These low sugar jellies, from
Concord grapes, raspberries, blackberries, currants, or anything else
are far superior to what you can purchase, even the premium lines of
jams and jellies, which often contain heavy doses of imported white
grape juice concentrate as their sweetener.

    Pomona's pectin is made in Greenfield, MA, and if you can't find it
locally it is available in the Mellinger's catalog.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA


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