[nafex] growing tropicals in not so tropical places

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Sat Jul 21 20:18:54 EDT 2001

Try http://www.crfg.org
That is the site for Calif. Rare Fruit Growers.  They have a huge database
on all tropicals--how to grow, fruit, etc.
I, too, have some tropicals here in Zone 4b Wisconsin.  I moved to the
Arctic three years ago from Gulf Coast Texas and brought some of the plants
with me.  I have a Raja Puri banana, about ready to fruit, a dwarf Cavenish
banana (given to me by Nafex member), brugmansia, bird of paradise, Mexican
Breadfruit (Monstera deliciosa), which is fruiting now and an avocado.  It's
a challenge to provide enough heat for them indoors during the long winter,
plus plenty of sunlight.  I have them all in south-facing windows and in
from of floor heat vents.  This seems to work, because they all grow during
the winter months.
Doreen Howard


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