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Sat Jul 21 08:14:44 EDT 2001

I just mash them up some and cook them over low heat and add sugar to 
taste, about equal in volume to the berries.  But, if you want the 
flavor that the British are used to and love, with, without, or 
partially made with the raw flavor, you might ask a Brit how long to 
cook them as the strong flavor seems to dissipate with longer 
cooking. (Whatever you do, don't suggest that the raw flavor smells 
of cat urine, they take that 'rahtha pe_sonally'.)

--- In nafex at y..., Ginda Fisher <ginda at c...> wrote:
> As some of you might recall, I dug up my one Consort Black Currant 
> fall, and replaced it with a Crandall.  I didn't have the heart to 
> it away, so I planted it in the woods, in light shade, with rich but
> quite shallow soil.  (Granite below.) 
> Imagine my surprise to see that not only did it take quite well, it
> flowered, and even ripened a (small) crop!  After I ripped off most 
> its roots and put it in the shade!!  The darn thing is nearly as 
> as last fall.
> So, y'all told me that these currants taste much better cooked.  I'd
> like to taste it.  Is there any practical way to cook up my two
> tablespoons of currants to try them out?  Maybe microwave them in a
> small dish with a sprinkling of water?  Who knows, maybe I'll want 
> move it back into the sun.  (Even if not, it's quite pretty where it
> is.)
> Thanks,
> Ginda Fisher
> zone 6, Eastern Mass.


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