[nafex] Re: Declining memberships

Kieran or Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Fri Jul 20 10:21:20 EDT 2001

You're right that its a factor, but according to what I'm reading by
Robert D. Putman:
"based on the evidence now available, my best guess is that both
factors together [movement of women into the workforce and the
increase in financial distress] account for less than one-tenth of
the total decline [in civic engagement]."

Chris Mauchline

Well, factor in the fact that the kids can't play around in the neighborhood
because there aren't any adults around all day keeping a watch on the
neighborhood, so the parents have to chauffeur them around to social
occasions, so they have no spare time.  Then factor in all the time spent
eatng out because people are too busy to cook, all the time spent spending
money it took 40 hours a week to make, and then all the time tending the
possessions and getting repairs (my hubby observed in astonishment as my
brother and brother in law spent 10-15 minutes discussing what to do about a
scratch one had gotten on his car!) and all the time in front of computers
and VCRs and playing computer games they bought with the second income, and
I wonder that anything civic gets done anymore.  Donna


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