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Wed Jul 18 20:59:21 EDT 2001

I wonder how it would work on the Walnut Husk Fly.

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     I've used it on apples, plums and peaches this season and it did a 
good job on plum curculio which has been a problem here ever since I started
growing fruit. It takes a few sprayings before a coating really builds up 
it seems to roll off smooth fruits like plums but if you touch the fruit
after it dries there is something there eventhough it's not really visible. 
was impressed on how it did not clog the sprayer. It was also nice not to
have to use a mask when spraying and to let the kids play in the orchard.
     Ofcourse the jury is still out on the apple maggot. We'll see.

                                             Joe Farina - Western MA

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