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Tue Jul 17 10:12:19 EDT 2001

We have been using Surround for two years now and we would recommend 
it so far. 
(My only concern is the 5% other, they will not tell you what it is 
and upon doing a patent search I find that it could have aluminum and 
or other unhealthy minerals. It was passed by some Organic Certifying 
agency but I have no idea as to their legitimacy. This process of 
organic certification is new to me, but I was told that they are all 
private companies and I am wondering what prevents them from being 
bought out or bribed, this is big, big business, and the incentive to 
shop around until finding an agency that passes one's products 
despite its defects seems highly likely to me. To keep some of the 
ingredients secret seems suspicious, the process of making Surround 
sounds complex enough without having secrets about the ingredients, 
IMHO, unless they are ingredients that we don't want to know about.
ATTRA has the name of the agency.)
(If you do a search in Nafex groups on "Surround" you will find a 
discussion of this previously.)
Kevin B

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> Is anyone using kaolin clay on fruit this season?  If so, has the 
> barrier been effective so far?  Would you recommend it to others?
> Doreen Howard


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