[nafex] squirrel flavoring?

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Fri Jul 13 21:36:31 EDT 2001


A couple of weeks back I got the privledge of spending some time with 
fellow NAFEXer Tom Burford.  He related a tale from his youth 
involving the seasonsing of hogs with Winesap apples.   Apparently it 
effected the taste of the hogs in a very positive way and his uncle 
had quite a follwoing for his special diet hogs.  

Anyway, in reference to squirels...I was wondering the obvious.  Do 
the orchard fed tree rats taste better?   I know some of you have to 
know.  I was going to find out in a day or so. I had hung out a couple 
to cure but the "coons" got them last night :(  I figure they had a 
steady diet of strawberries, Taylor raspberries, and plums before 
their demise so I was anxious to see if the flesh had picked up the 

How to orchard fed squirrels compare to nut fed ones?   Anyone have 
any experience?



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