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Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Fri Jul 13 17:49:35 EDT 2001

Multiple crowns provide more flower stalks.  So for pure production, you get
more in a confined space.  Plus, the fruit size will be bigger due to better
plant vigor.  This has worked for me in the past and I'm sticking with it.
:-)  If I were after long-term production, I'd thin and let runners form,
but I'm not.  Our winters are so harsh, I'm figuring that I will lose many
of the plants despite mulching them.

About dogs and chipmunks.  I have a dog who is an avid squirrel, possum,
rabbit and raccoon killer.  Probably chipmunks, too.  But, she has to sleep
sometimes!  And the yard she patrols is large.  She may have a raccoon treed
at one end of the yard, and the chipmunks are munching merrily at the other
end. Plus, they are bold.  Two of them ran over my foot this morning as I
was weeding the broccoli bed.

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>Doreen wrote:
>I have a large strawberry patch filled with everbearers and day
>                 neutrals--all planted in April.  I removed all the
>flowers from the first
>                 flush in late May and have snapped off runners, too,
>forcing multiple crown
>                 production.  The technique worked great, and now I am
>being rewarded with a
>                 full bed of huge plants that are flowering like crazy
>and setting fruit.
>My reply:
>Huh, what do you want multiple crowns for again?  Do they improve your
>production?   When I renovate my beds I usually cut off the multiple
>crowns and push the old crowns a bit deeper.  Otherwise things seem s
>a bit crowded.   But I am open to knew ideas.
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