[nafex] Death to chipmunks(and squirrels)

Lucky Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Jul 13 17:18:30 EDT 2001

I can't swear that it absolutely works, as I never SAW a dead bushy-tailed 
tree rat, but pilfering of my nut/acorn plantings ceased abruptly when I 
started putting out Peanut Butter/Plaster-of-Paris bonbons for the varmints.
I think a fellow NAFEX member gave me the recipe...

Mix cheap peanut butter with Plaster-of-Paris until it reaches a "stiff 
dough" consistency.  Fashion into small(peanut-size) balls, place in 
strategic sites, where the critters are likely to encounter them.  Voila!

I suppose it might be advisable to make certain that they're not accessible 
to dogs or children.  Whoever put me onto them indicated that they 'turn to 
concrete' in the varmint's GI tract.
I don't know if that's correct or not, as I suspect that POP has to be 
exposed to air when moistened in order to harden.  It may be more of a case 
of the POP causing some sort of major derangement in the animals' 
electrolyte balance by upsetting the calcium:phosphorus ratios or something 
along that line.
Or, maybe it cooks the little rascals from the inside out - ever notice how 
a plaster cast heats up while it's curing?
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY


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