[nafex] Re: What's the point?

Kieran or Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Fri Jul 13 15:44:07 EDT 2001

    I'd hoped I'd gotten across that there was some advantage to having
someone home growing beans.  I've written a long frothing at the mouth
article (haven't tried to publish it) on this subject and wanted to spare
you all of that.  And yes, govt and big businesss want us to be as
economically busy as possible, in the MONEY economy, not that other one they
can't squeeze anything out of.  Do you know that in Tennessee the sales tax
forms for businesses want you to declare and pay tax on the "fair market
value" of anything you grow for your own personal use?  When I had to fill
out those forms, I always put down zero.
    I probably read about NAFEX in OG, which will be gone now.  I do think
we need local papers to run stuff on NAFEX.  These little Tennessee county
newspapers would scarf up a free article to run on the subject.  I suppose I
could write one, when I get done with all the other stuff I am trying to
write...LOL.  bug me about this.  I hear my article on the benefits of NAFEX
is being sent to new members, I should drag it out and see what I can use
from it.  It was too much of a joke to use the way it is.
    Actually using OG and so forth can be too much a matter of preaching to
the choir.  You'd be amazed at how many old people were given a SSE
membership as a present from their kids.  Believe me, that is a gift to make
an old gardener cry for joy.  They have no idea that what they know and what
they have has any value.  Their kids have all moved to the city, and they
think when they die that their seeds will be lost.  NAFEXer and market
gardener Jeff Poppen told me that one woman has it in her will that he is to
be given all her seeds.  Maybe we could tout NAFEX memberships in some kind
of list of great things to get gardeners for Christmas.  Donna


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