[nafex] bud 118 and stooling

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 13 15:11:53 EDT 2001

Lon, thanks, great trick I'll go try it. This gives me some hope for a 
couple of 2-3 year old apples that I fear MAY have the ubiquitous yellow tag 
burried down on its tap root and starting to girdle it (will have to cut too 
many side roots to tell). Maybe it will simply callus and form a whole new 
set of roots above the girdle line. del

>One thing that helps with stubborn layering is to put a wire around the 
>of the shoot(s) you are layering.  A twist tie is fine.  As the shoot grows
>it is slowly girdled and makes a callus above the wire that is much more
>prone to producing roots.
>-Lon Rombough
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