[nafex] Looking for homesteaders

fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com
Thu Jul 12 19:56:14 EDT 2001


A change of topic for me, but don't let that stop ya'll from debating 
the future direction of NAFEX.  : )

I was wondering if those "homesteading" or attempting to grow a 
significant portion of their own food would contact me privately.   
The purpose is to develop a small pool of resources I could bounce an 
idea or two off of and pose a few questions.

This is for my personal edification only and has no commercial 
purpose.   I am merely exploring the idea of significantly reducing 
the amount of so called food my family buys at the store and growing 
more of my own.    But as with many things it is preferable to talk to 
those who actually do it.

I just intend to ask a question now and then, and wish to ask 
agreeable resources.

You may contact me at:

fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

The fluffy bunny


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