[nafex] Supplement to Del's heavenly Evans

Bernie Nikolai Nikolai at v-wave.com
Thu Jul 12 00:56:18 EDT 2001

You can get tissue cultured Evans cherries for less than $1.50 US, depending
on quantity, and they ship to the US with the proper permits, as I
understand it. http://www.dnagardens.com/ will get you the information, plus
a lot of other very hardy, delicious fruit, ie Lee saskatoons.

Re root suckers on Evans, only one tree/bush in every 2 or 3 will send out
root suckers.  The trees that do pop them up much like poplar trees on your
lawn, little suckers that "magically" appear 1 to 8 ft. from the mother
plant. You can also rototil the soil to encourage suckering, or simply dig
and cut a section of root and plant the sections vertically in a pot and
many will form new trees. Good luck Del, Evans cherries are certainly worth it.
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta  

At 04:08 AM 7/12/01 -0000, you wrote:
>Hélène, Kevin and Bernie..thanks for the comentary on Evans....I just took 
>the time to figure how to download Lawyer's Nursery wholesale catalog and 
>found Evans under 'bush fruit'.  7 bucks for a 12-18" plant in a wholesale 
>situation.  I haven't contacted them yet to find out how its propagated.  
>Still hoping to find someone in my state who has one thats big enough to 
>produce rootsuckers.
>Hélène, thanks for the language lesson, and my pardons about the 'jealous of 
>canadiens' note....it was partially in jest, considering the inequety of the 
>currancy exchange as a whole that our northern neighbors must deal with.  
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