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I just got off the phone with Dr Evans, so here is more on the Evans 
and its origin (and probable reason that Del heard that it came from 

Evans cherry
A Mrs Borward from the Henwood area near Edmonton, Alberta has been 
growing the Evans since about 1923. She is in her 80's now and says 
that she got the seeds from her neighbors who got these from 
the "English" which according to Dr Evans actually meant "Americans" 
and specifically from Minnesota as the Minnesotans largely settled 
this part of Edmonton. These Minnesotans were probably of either 
Ukranian or Norwegian decent and had probably been growing this 
cherry since the late 1800's.
Dr Evans discovered this cherry in 1976 and slowly but surely got 
people interested in trying it.
Some outstanding points of the Evans are:
The highest yields in MI are about 50 pounds per tree. The Evans 
produces around 150 pounds per tree!
It does very well in light soil. Heavy soil it does ok but tends to 
be winter damaged more.
Blossoms are not killed by temps as low as five below centigade, 
which is quite remarkable for a sour cherry.
Kevin Bradley

> Del and others interested: 
> Here are my notes on the origin of the Evans, as per Dr Evans
> "Probably brought from Minnesota in first place, 100 years ago or 
> It is probably NOT an escapee from the Alberta Tree Nursery".  (in 
> the FN and B Inventory it says that it may be that it originally 
> from this nursery, this info was supplied by me, later to be 
> that the original Evans cherry probably had nothing to do with that 
> nursery except the coincidence that the original tree was found 
> there, growing in someone's yard. Dr Evans believes that it did not 
> get in that person's yard via that nursery but rather elsewhere and 
> most likely circuitously from the Minnesota cherry breeding program)
> BTW, although mahaleb is only hardy to zone 4, mahaleb could be 
> as a nurse rootstock, that is a temporary root used while the Evans 
> roots above the graft. (This requires then the  burying the graft 
> union.) 
> Kevin B
> --- In nafex at y..., "del stubbs" <pinewoodel at h...> wrote:
> > I'm doing some research on the famed evans cherry, was glad to 
> that it 
> > could be grafted onto mahaleb roots, but the FB&N inventory lists 
> that as 
> > zone 4.
> > Jealous? <http://www.marketland.net/ornamentalform.asp>
> > if I read this right at least Albertans can buy it for $2.90 
> canadien
> > and the best price I can find in the states is $16 u.s. (the 
> is 32) 
> > and the roots were stripped.
> > I reckon my only answer is to wait a few years till, as Bernie 
> says,  "from 
> > root suckers".
> > My guess is, its down to supply and demand for an unknown 
> that as 
> > Kevin I believe said, might have come from Minnesota! (I'll 
> this, one 
> > source said England)
> > Canadien?--Canadian?   is one an adjective and one a noun?
> > Thanks, Mn. del z2/3
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