[nafex] canadiens, I'm jealous

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Canadien is French for Canadian, and a masculin and singular noun when it takes a capital C. 
So, for a noun in English, you would say Canadian, and in French you would say Canadien for a man and Canadienne for a woman and add an s to either one to signify the plural like you would in English.
For an adjective, you would say for Canadian Man and Canadian Woman (canadian in this case being the adjective) homme canadien and femme canadienne. You would add an additional ne to mark the feminine form, which does not exist in the syntaxic form of the English language but exists in Spanish also by changing o for a, like loco and loca. 
To answer your question simply then, a in Canadian is in English and e in Canadien is in French.
And Del, you don't have to feel jealous, there are many cases where we pay more than Americans for the same, besides
McFayden Seed Co. Ltd
30, 9th St 
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 6N4
Phone 1 800 205-7111
List Evans Cherry for 12,95 $ Cdn for one tree, which is self-fertile.
That means roughly $ 8.50 US. So you see, there is no reason to despair. Just put in an order for the Fall. Great time to plant anyway.
It may get complicated with the Custom people, but that is another question all together and there is no reason to be jealous about that either, as we have to deal with Custom when purchasing live plants in the States too.
Start with their free catalogue at the above number.

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  I'm doing some research on the famed evans cherry, was glad to hear that it 
  could be grafted onto mahaleb roots, but the FB&N inventory lists that as 
  zone 4.
  Jealous? <http://www.marketland.net/ornamentalform.asp>
  if I read this right at least Albertans can buy it for $2.90 canadien
  and the best price I can find in the states is $16 u.s. (the worst is 32) 
  and the roots were stripped.
  I reckon my only answer is to wait a few years till, as Bernie says,  "from 
  root suckers".
  My guess is, its down to supply and demand for an unknown product, that as 
  Kevin I believe said, might have come from Minnesota! (I'll pursue this, one 
  source said England)
  Canadien?--Canadian?   is one an adjective and one a noun?
  Thanks, Mn. del z2/3
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