[nafex] canadiens, I'm jealous

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 11 17:11:15 EDT 2001

I'm doing some research on the famed evans cherry, was glad to hear that it 
could be grafted onto mahaleb roots, but the FB&N inventory lists that as 
zone 4.
Jealous? <http://www.marketland.net/ornamentalform.asp>
if I read this right at least Albertans can buy it for $2.90 canadien
and the best price I can find in the states is $16 u.s. (the worst is 32) 
and the roots were stripped.
I reckon my only answer is to wait a few years till, as Bernie says,  "from 
root suckers".
My guess is, its down to supply and demand for an unknown product, that as 
Kevin I believe said, might have come from Minnesota! (I'll pursue this, one 
source said England)
Canadien?--Canadian?   is one an adjective and one a noun?
Thanks, Mn. del z2/3
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