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Wed Jul 11 15:32:23 EDT 2001

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> Tom wrote:
> Hi All, Sorry I started this thread, and I end it here.
> Fluffy one, I conceed your point.  Sorry to have wasted all this
>                  bandwidth.

If I may break in here too...

I agree with bunny on this one too.  This is not a waste of bandwith at all.
I am taking special note of this discusssion because I am one of the people 
target group of people the original article was taking about.

I am 34 years of age. 
First time home owner (for four years)
City dweller (center of Atlanta, GA)
NAFEX member for about six months.

Do I agree with what the article said? Yes - to a large extent.
I dont see a large number of my friends interested in fruit growing
(or growing anything in general) Nor do we have the space in out 1/4 - 1/2
achre lots to do any REAL exporation. 

Do I care about where NAFEX is going?  Yes!  Though I ahve not been a part
of the group long enough to honestly get empassioned by it. I know that by
the time I read my first Pomona, I know I had to get as many back issues as I could.
....and I did.
Why? Just to have them.  Though I may not be able or interested in growing 
most of the fruits discussed, I quickly realized what a resource this
collection is. I have not discovered yet if my interest in fruit culture is
a fly-by-night affair, or a life long adventure. I guess I will know once I get my 
first fruits. I do know that I want NAFEX around. If its just to be able to 
email someone to ask a stupid question, or more over to feel that I am not 
alone in this adventure and I am not a "off"  as my friends think I am.

After reading the article and some of the responce, I kinda feel I need to take a more
active role in promoting the group.  If the torch is going to be passed to
my generation, I gous I need to make sure there are people left to pass
it to.

These are just comments of the cuff.  I just wanted to say, this is a VERY 
valid discussion and something, maybe that needs to be revisited from 

> My reply:
> Tom, you are the only one showing "passion".  Cripes that is why I 
> engaged you on this thread hoping to toss others off their apatethic 
> tushes. 
> As far as I am concerned we are just bantering ideas, I certainly hope 
> I am not upsetting you because that is not my intention.
> And if ever bandwidth needed to be wasted, this is one of th emore 
> appropriate issues.
> And let me just state it plainly, Tom, I appreciate your concern and 
> your willingness to voice your opinion.  I may not always agree with 
> it, but outside of the fact I think I should be annoited King and all 
> should worship me, but I respect it, and th eintelligence behind you 
> thoughts.
> Kevin (the fluffy bunny)


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