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Hi All,

Sorry I started this thread, and I end it here.

Fluffy one, I conceed your point.  Sorry to have wasted all this


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Tom Volkening wrote:

> Tom,
> I would agree that Pomona is not NAFEX but it is a benefit members receive
> and has value.  I am a librarian and was curious about any libraries owning
> Pomona so did somesearching to see if I could find any libraries that own
> issues of Pomona .  I  found that at least 21 libraries(including the
> National Agriculture Library in the U.S) in North America that own at least
> some issues of Pomona.  I did not have time to check the catalogs of all the
> libraries to see what issues of Pomona each library owns but I did check the
> catalog of Cornell and it looks like they are still receiving issues of
> Pomona and have most of the back issues.   I also looked at some online
> agriculture databases and found that they have indexed some of the articles
> in Pomona so it is possible to retrieve citations to articles in Pomona and
> get copies of the articles.  I will say that most of the articles I located
> were from 1981 and earlier.
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> <snip> I might have once thought so, but with the net...heck the archives
> can live on into perpetuity.   So can NAFEX. <snip>
> Hi,
> This is totally wrong Bunny. (IMO)
> When NAFEX's cash is gone, you can be sure the NAFEX web page will have
> vanished long before.  That means all it's content disappears.  Never to be
> seen again.
> In regards to Yahoo Groups, when a group has become inactive, they delete
> all archived messages, and delete the group.  A period of 90 days of no
> messages on a group will eliminate any trace of it.
> As far as Pomona goes...  Although I am sure we are sending copies to all
> the major library archives (tongue plant firmly in cheek), I doubt they will
> ever make the shelves of a library, or be rediscovered once archived.
> Unless you are talking about archeology (smile) way down the road.  Do we
> print on acid free paper (smile).
> Also Pomona is not NAFEX, NAFEX is its people, exploring fruit, and sharing
> what they have learned which takes many forms (Pomona, egroup, web page,
> letters, etc).
> So if you think the internet or Pomona will preserve NAFEX, or Pomano will
> ever see wide circulation, I have to strongly disagree.
> Regards,
> Tom
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