[nafex] So what is the point?

jhecksel at voyager.net jhecksel at voyager.net
Tue Jul 10 07:23:08 EDT 2001

fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com wrote:

>So I leave you with this simple question: what is the
> point?

Well, for my part it is simple-minded, missionary zeal.  My hope is to
see fewer people plant Granny Smith apples in 150 day growing season
areas.  My hope is that if NAFEX is more accessible, than fewer people
will plant McIntosh apples when they have no intention of spraying.

I am not interested in catering to the local press.  I have a jaunticed
view of them.  They are not journalists but barkers at a circus
freak-show, shilling stale popcorn and warmed over (and sometimes
fabricated) "news".

                                            -Joe Hecksel
                                             Eaton Rapids, Michigan


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