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Robert H. lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 7 16:45:10 EDT 2001

A month or two back I was reading a post by someone who was taking 
about some minor fruit and its taste. In the post an opinon was made
that has stuck in my mind for quite sometime now. Im not sure why this
is but I would venture a guess that its because it strikes at the heart
of what we all do here. (I use we and may association with this group 
very loosely  - because I am newbie, a city slicker who has only been a 
member of the group for about 6 months...but I digress)I cant remembers
the exact quote nor from whom, but it when something like this.

     I guess any edible fruit would taste good if you add enough
     sugar (to make jelly), but I fresh on it own merits, and if I dont like it
     out-of-hand, I really need to revaluate it as plant in my yard.

This is one statement I can totally agree with, but at the same time
I just as strongly disagree with.  Maybe this is why its stuck with me.
The reason I got involved with growing fruit was because I was tired of
spend time and money of plants I had little interest in and gave little
satisfaction back to me...namely grass. I also just like tasting new stuff.
I dont have a big yard, but if I am going to spend time in it, it going to
put food on the table in some way. Now my interests in this hobby has grown, 
but I still have an interest in satisfing my tast buds.         

I cant imagine what it would be like to wait for years in care of a tree
to only find out that not only does it taste good, but you cant keep it down.
I constantly hear on this list, how this fruit or that tastes better than 
any at the store down the street. Or even how this fruit should be more
popular and how we grin when we see others taste our bounty and ask 
"what is this?!"

On the otherside of the coin, there is the "experimention". Now I get to the
main point of this rant. I wonder if we can experiment...more. I gather
that most people tasting a new fruit trys it fresh, and it it not quite 
tasty for them, they may try a jelly or a pie (basicly add sugar). If that
doesent work then they dig it up, or graft something else to it. But I 
wonder if that person is still being a little to hasty with that discssion. 
I have to think about all the products that are made with soybeans.  Think of
corn; we have everythng from sweetener to car fuel from it. Now of course
I am well aware that none of us have the research money to set up labs and such.
But I wonder if that awfull fresh but edible fruit is actually a gem in the
rough. What really got me thinking of this, was the fact I was at lecture
about Hardy Citrus. It seems (roughly) the more hardy the cirtus, the worse it 
tastes. Later on that day I had a old British book on presearving fruit and I 
happen see a recipe on Candied Grapefruit rind. It seems that repeated brief
poaching of the rind removes the bitterness. I also had some Thai food
later on that day and noticed that the Cocoanut Chicken Soup was seasoned using
Kifer Lime leaves. In fact, I enjoyed munching on them after the meal.
This made me wonder if other citrus leaves have a distinctinive favor and
can be used as a seasoning. How about tea? Maybe burned to fragrant the air.
All these possiblities started coming to mind. After that I went to my
father house.  He had some grape vines in the backyard. I suddenly rememberd
that Grape leaves are used in Geek cooking.  I wanted to know what they taste 
like could they be used in something else. What about Muskidine leaves?

Now I should say at this point I have not tried any of these ideas....yet,
but before I start chopping down anythig I have planted, Im going
to think long and hard about it first. I will make sure I have jellied, spiced,
pickled, steeped, salted, and burned the heck out of it first

Hey, the evil scientist in me just had to come out some how. :)

Let me know what you think.      


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