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Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Fri Jul 6 11:44:39 EDT 2001

Hi Again,

With such a hungry world, you would think that a group of people involved
in producing and exploring better fruit, could have something to offer.

If all we are good for is data storage, then we are truly dead as a group.
There are oranizations much better equipped than us to store data for the

I personally believe we have a bright future if we only work towards it.

I was the chaiman on the board of trustees of a local church in
Massachusetts and they faced problems too.  Their expenses were larger
than their income, with only enough cash reserves for 2-3 years operation
at most.

They had cut back on everything, only had a part time minister, no
community outreach, and buildings in need of repair.  When the part time
minister moved on, we asked local church officals how many "part time"
ministries were thriving or growing and the simple answer was "none".
Part time ministries with no outreach only ended in shutting down.

The congregation was convinced to take a "Quantum leap of faith" and hire
a full time minister, who was aware of the problems.  That quantum leap has
totally restored that church in less than 5 years time.

The point of my story being; if you take control of your future, rather
than just letting it happen, incredible things can be achieved.

Standing in the middle of the pasture with a pail, does not get the cow

Just my opinion.  NAFEX has potential to do GREAT things.

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Lon J. Rombough wrote:

> Not to sound too grim, but NAFEX may need to serve the same purpose that
> monasteries did during the Dark Ages - keep varieties and knowledge alive
> until the need for them comes again.
> -Lon
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> Hello,
> Lon is right, but there is something we can do about that...
> We are fruit explorers and tinker's right?  We can do something unique if we
> put our collective abilities and resources together to do something
> "special".
> You get 2,300 people working on something as a team, and you will get
> results.
> We just have to decide what that something "special" is going to be.
> Regards,
> Tom


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