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Lon J. Rombough lonrom at bunchgrapes.com
Fri Jul 6 09:27:00 EDT 2001

Believe me, I've tried, but most magazines won't take an article strictly
about NAFEX.  Best I've been able to do is slip reference to NAFEX into
articles I sell on growing fruit.  (I do THAT quite often). The single word
reason is "Editors".  If they don't want it, it doesn't get printed, no
matter how good you think it is.  An organization of fruit lovers isn't
"news" enough by itself - you have to be able to tie it to something
    I will say that anyone on any relevant e-list can put in a plug for
NAFEX  - just remember http://www.nafex.org
Grapes, writing, consulting, more, plus word on my grape book at

From: Ed & Pat Fackler <rocmdw at aye.net>
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Subject: Re: [nafex] More on Stark
Date: Fri, Jul 6, 2001, 4:59 AM

    Some 4-6 years ago, I tried for a couple of years to get Lee Reich, Lon
Rombough, and a local
garden writter, Maggie Oster to write a rah-rah story on the shear
benefits of NAFEX
for a pub. like Readers Digest, Midwest Living, Southern Living, etc., etc.,
of course, etc.
All said it was a worthwhile project, but for reasons totally not clear to
it never happened.
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