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Tom Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Fri Jul 6 08:28:54 EDT 2001

> Doreen Howard wrote:
> Do you think this is the economy or social changes?


I will make just a single observation on societal change
from personal observation...

When I was a lad, which was not that long ago, my friends
and I could hop on our bikes and ride over to our
grandparents house.  We could do it most anytime, without
calling, and Grandma and Grandpa were always happy to see
us, and spend time with us.

Again, this was not just me, but any number of my friends.

Today, as stated in another email, you need an appointment
to see them.  People are never home.

I don't begrudge seniors these benefits, but I am sorry for
my kids who will never have the benefit of this time.  Time
in the yard tending grapes or other plantings, with a loving
adult, who is happy to take the time to teach.

You cannot develop an appreciation for things that you never
see or hear about.  And sadly, people with no appreciation
have no idea that they are missing anything.

Just my opinion.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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