[nafex] Stark Bros. Gone

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F&G went under in part to the Michigan Bulb fiasco.  They were fined for
their fraudulent contests and started losing money hand over fist.  Their
losses dragged down all the other associated companies.  According to
insider reports, the management actually used Michigan Bulb as an excuse for
a multitude of bad business decisions.  Sounds like the enterprise was
doomed from the beginning.
Doreen Howard

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>I was sad when Stark Brothers was sold to the low-quality giant in
>1999.  Stark was a solid reputable company, even if it did bring us the
>Red Delicious apple.  I am sorry to hear it may now be gone for good.
>Still, perhaps that's better than turning into the Michigan Bulbs of the
>nursery world.  And maybe we'll get lucky and it will be purchased by
>someone who will run it well.  Do you suppose it was driven out of
>business by Big Box R Us?  Or is it just a victim of a mismanaged parent
>I guess this means I won't get a refund on my dead Nanking Cherry from
>Gurneys.  I've never had something quite so dead shipped to me - just
>dropped in a plastic bag.
>Doreen Howard wrote:
>> Foster & Gallgher, parents of the MySeasons umbrella which acquired Stark
>> Bros. in 1999, declared bankruptcy on Monday, July 2.  The filing was for
>> Chapter 11, because one of the companies in the group, Walter Drake, has
>> buyer.  The other companies, including Gurney's, Brecks, Henry Field,
>> Hill and Stark, will be dismantled and sold off in pieces for revenue to
>> satisfy creditors.
>> Sigh!
>> Doreen Howard
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