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Have you noticed that a lot of greenhouses are closing up shop. They can't 
afford the thousands of dollars for fuel to keep things going. Especially in 
the colder winter regions. At least not around here in Michigan. They 
couldn't charge what they need to stay in business and compete. Heating 
fuels have gone to high for them.

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One thing that I didn't mention in the previous post is that the end of
Foster Gallagher also means the end of the National Gardening Assoc..  They
ceased publication of their magazine last year (subscriptions were satisfied
by Organic Gardening) and became a totally web-oriented service.  Foster
Gallagher bought them up and allowed their not-for-profit foundation to
continue its existence.  In exchange, NGA provided all the gardening content
on the MySeasons website and did much of the hort info work for various
catalogs, etc.  Now NGA is out of business, too.  This is a double blow in
that NGA was one of the last print and/or web magazines that covered fruit
and vegetables extensively.  Kitchen Gardener by Taunton is gone.  And
Organic Gardening changed their focus about 18 months ago.  They, too, will
cease publication this month and be replaced by a woman's lifestyle
organically-oriented magazine.  A smaller, thinner organic gardening
magazine targeted towards male gardeners is planned and will appear later
this year.  This magazine will be heavy on landscaping and flowers and light
on fruit and veggies.

What do you make of this?  Do you think there is a decline in fruit
interest?  Is the Nafex membership reflecting this?  Do you think this is
the economy or social changes?  And, do you think that maybe it's time to
publicize Pomona aggressively as a magazine for fruit information?

This summer has been a watershed of change for the horticulture industry,
and I don't think the changes are finished.
Doreen Howard

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