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> Dear Doc,
>      I assume you are referring to the limb girdler.  This is an 
> about 1 inch long and armored like a Sherman tank.  They are 
grey-brown and
> difficult to see against the bark.  They form a ring around the 
limb, which
> is then girdled and eventually falls off.  They lay their eggs in 
the shaft
> of the part of the branch that remains.  They are difficult to kill. 
> prefer Mimosa trees but will even girdle thick Wisteria vines, when 
> I solved my problem with a 20 foot length of hollow aluminum tubing 
about 10
> years ago.  I would spot the varmints high in the tree at the site 
of their
> activity and then nudge them with the pole.  They would fall into 
the hollow
> tube, taking the slide down to ground level where they could be 
disposed of.
> After 2 seasons of this technique, their population declined to 
zero, never
> to be seen again.
>                                    Regards, Ethan
> Thank you, Dr. Natelson. Nice hearing from you again. I 
guess pruning worm was a local name. I'll be looking for
the insect with your description, now that I know what to 
look for. Plenty of wisteria and mimosa for them to girdle
around here. I was sure that the eggs were in one of the 
ends, but I had guessed wrong and was burning the cut-off
branchs. A Sherman tank, eh? You are dating yourself. I 
remember them also. Thanks again. Doc  (I need a Bazooka)             
> At 10:26 AM 7/4/01 -0000, you wrote:
> >What is the worm/insect which cuts the branches off persimmon
> >and nut trees?
> >I've seen their work all my life but never seen the insect.
> >They have never been a problem until last year when one cut
> >two leaders off two of my heartnut trees.
> >Any way to eliminate them? Doc Zone 7/8
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