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Tue Jul 3 00:16:54 EDT 2001

"victoria l. caron" wrote:

> Hélène,
> I have had corn well into early fall for a few years and haven't had
> have started to not worry as much about a frost before the autumnal
> equinox. Before, our rule of thumb growing season was from Memorial
> Day
> 5/30 to Labor Day the 1st Monday in Sept. That's pretty close to 90
> days! I grew up in southern NH zone 5 and my grandfather

This past year was unusual.Here on the Oregon coast.
There was no frost to speak of during the winter.
The plum tres were blooming in Jan.
Very few plums set as there were no bees out yet.
The bees did not get the word that it was spring.
It was a long spring with not much rain. We have a drought in the
Pacific NW.
Water storage is down 50% in many resevoirs.
I expect that the first frost may not occur till Dec.
But all this does not mean we will get super crops.
We have very cool weather here in the summer so things do not grow fast
like in hotter regions. Sweet peas are only up about 4 inches right now.

The established perrenials like Shastas are blooming and the hydrangeas
are in full bloom.
Other plants in bloom are yarrow, daisies, heather, jap. iris, cal.
poppies, petunias,
coriopsis, sea thrift, dahlias, blackberries, cats ear, dandelion, and
late rodies.
Lots of the spring flowers have gone by.
Squash is not up yet. It is my main vegetable crop.
Some early blueberries will be coming on soon. But my major production
will be in Sept. Blackberries will be starting in 3 weeks. A few
raspberries are ripening now.
It looks like the first plums will be in 3 weeks and the apples will
start the first of Aug. along with the early pears. Most of the apples
will come on in Sept and Oct.
Granny Smith is a hopeless apple here as it will never ripen. Not enough
The hottest day we have has so far is 66. It is rumored it might get up
to 70 tomorrow. Inland it is supposed to hit 90 tomorrow.
Corn is another iffy crop here. I have gotten some but the ears are
never very big.
Parsley is a good crop. It reseeds and we have it all year. It is almost
a weed.


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