FW: [nafex] Zone 3 mycorrhizal fungi test

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Thu Dec 6 11:55:04 EST 2001

Here's a reply on the mycorrhizal fungi problem. Don Chapman is owner of
Bio-Organics and I've used his fungi with excellent results.
-Lon Rombough
From: "Don Chapman" <don at bio-organics.com>
To: "Lon J. Rombough" <lonrom at hevanet.com>
Subject: Re: [nafex] Zone 3 mycorrhizal fungi test
Date: Thu, Dec 6, 2001, 7:11 AM

Hi Lon -

Very odd.  I wish he knew which manufacturer was involved.  As we do not
ship to Canada, it is most likely not the BioOrganics product.

I think instead of immediately attributing the problems to the introduction
of mycorrhizal fungi, I would look more at other biological ingredients.

The mycorrhizal fungi for inoculant is propagated on host plant roots in
some sort of potting media - this can be either regular soil or clean
non-soil media.  If an inoculant manufacturer does not follow good sanitary
procedures during the propagation stage, and I know of at least one company
that most definitely does not, all sorts of harmful organisms can be
introduced to plants.  I've heard secondhand that one lab test found more
nematodes than fungi spores in an "inoculant".  I'm sure that in some cases,
introduced pathogens can overwhelm the beneficial fungi on young root

Just a theory on my part, but one that could explain what he observed on his
plants.  It really doesn't make sense that mycorrhizal plants would do
poorer than non-mycorrhizal ones (but in biologically-active soils, he most
likely has beneficial fungi on his non-inoculated plants as well - this can
only be determined by microscopic exams).

Best regards,

Don Chapman

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