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Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch at vsnl.com
Wed Aug 29 02:09:59 EDT 2001

Dear Brett,

In case of mango, the fruit buds are borne terminally on the shoots.  These
fruit buds are formed from August to October.

The winter injury to plants start from the shoot tip downwards.  If the
winter happens to be just severe, the first casualty is the fruit buds
located at the shoot terminals.  Sometimes this injury is not even
noticeable.  But the flowrering will not be there.  As the severity of
injury increases, the damage starts appearing first on shoot tips, then on
the upper part of young shhots, then on the entire shoot and finally on
mature limbs which may even kill the tree.

Mangoes grow cultivated as well as uncultivated, all over India extending
upto an altitude of 3500 ft which is quite cold for mango.  One can see the
change with the altitude.  In plains, grafted plants which are the least
cold hardy, grow and bear successfully.  Then only the seedlings, which are
relatively more cold hardy, bear fruits.  After that level, you will find
only barren seedling trees growing.  Here, on many roads in the
sub-mountainous regions you start from an altitude of 500 ft and reach 5000
ft while driving 50-60 km and this phenomenon is easily noticeable.

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> Hi Dr. Parmar,
> Please don't worry about delays.  I certainly
> appreciate your response.
> I don't completely understand the reference to "bears
> successfully even when the temperatures drop down to
> 28-30 F".  Flowers or fruit don't survive those
> temperatures do they?  Do you mean that the tree
> itself survives these temperatures and then bears well
> the next summer?  Thanks for the clarification.
> Regards,
> Brett
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