[nafex] zone 3 blackberries ?

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 11 10:54:20 EDT 2001

Yes! Por favor! I wrote some time back to Ken after his article came out, 
but he wasn't sure when he could do it, and at 90? years I'll be patient and 
just hope he can. I grew up in the north of calif. where you could pick 50 
gallons of hugre wild ones if you so wished. Its actually the fruit I miss 
the most. Plus it would be a very saleable item here where so little fruit 
is grown.
My experiments with the local wild stock have proved naught so far...they 
are quite tiny and unproductive both in the wild and in our rich garden. 
I'll trade, buy, you name it. Thanks, Del

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>Subject: Re: [nafex] zone 3 blackberries ?
>Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 09:37:37 +0000
>Anytime you want to try blackberries that are native to zone 3, I would be 
>to send you some roots in the fall. I have found them to be less brittle in 
>fall than in the spring when they tend to break a lot in handling and 
>We have so many huge wild blackberries here and also, Ken Parr, Vermont 
>zone 3
>NAFEXer is presently exploring northern strains both in Vermont and I 
>Quebec. Armando Bona is more familiar with that project and occasionally we 
>from him here on the group. Are you listening Armando? :-)
>vic NH zone 3
>del stubbs wrote:
> > Just had our first taste here in Z2/3 of real blackberries! This is 
> > third year, I believe they're called Illini Hardy- an upright "zone 5"
> > blackberry. Have got 10 nice bunches that are getting good color, so no
> > problem with fall frost.
> > I keep trimming them at knee height, and plan to just wrap the patch 
> > with old wood slat snow fence...hoping to keep them snow covered all 
> > they proved way too brittle to bend over at any stage of growth, but it
> > seems this top pruning is forcing lower laterals that will form next 
> > floricanes.
> > Am also trying Chester thornless, they seem a bit less hardy and seem to
> > ripen a bit too late, but some are showing color. they're a trailing 
>type so
> > the pruning isn't so necesary.  Mn. Del
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