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Try some GH and C-S on those blueberries Ginda as the products are
Best wishes,
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> I have a row of young half-high blueberries (Northsky, St. Cloud,
> Northblue).  Last year, two suffered from chloriosis, and I treated with
> everything I could find.  (I spent a lot of time looking without success
> for aluminum sulphate, which I finally found very late in the season.)
> I added  Hollytone, Epsom salts, ammonium sulphate, some chelated iron
> stuff that you dissolve in water, and Miracid.  All the others in the
> row perked up a lot from this treatment, especially the Miracid.  At the
> end of the season, I added some aluminum sulphate and lots of shredded
> oak leaves.  My lousy cheap pH meter still reads about 7.
> This spring, I replaced the two scraggly ones (moving the rejects to
> less sunny spots, because I didn't have the heart to throw them away.)
> The replacements looked healthy.  I added yet more peatmoss to the
> soil.  One of the replaced blueberries (a Northblue) is
> indistinguishable from the Northblue that remained.  But the new St.
> Cloud looks unhappy.  It has yellow and red at the tips and centers of
> several leaves.  The remaining leaves look pale, with darker veins.
> Early in the year the replacement bushes looked a bit pale, and I
> treated with most of the same stuff.  (After all, it was knocking
> around.)  I treated the whole row every time I put anything on, so I
> doubt it is suffering from acute toxicity of anything, although it might
> have gotten burned if I threw a little more its way.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Ginda Fisher
> Eastern Mass., zone 6
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