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I also have Williams Pride for the first time this year. One single apple. I have wrapped it in a flimsy plastic bag hoping that it will escape the attention of a passing deer as the apple sits at nose level. I am looking forward to the pleasure of tasting it. I am not too sure when it should be picked. In my zone 3, the apple is just starting to blush, a bit like Lobos but unlike the Lobos which is red against a green background, WilliamsPride appears to be turning yellow in the background and red on top. What zone are you in? My apple looks at least a month away from being ripe.
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  This was the first day of picking Williams Pride apple. They ripen on
  the tree for the next couple weeks. Finished up picking all my Desert
  King figs today. Just like eating candy. I just took a picture of my
  apples with my digital camera. I can send any one a picture if you
  should like to see these bright red apples.
  Dan Ester
  Eugene, Oregon

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