[nafex] Fw: An Anti-Deer Recipe to Try

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Sat Sep 9 11:11:18 EDT 2000

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> Jimsonweed is Datura stramonium.
> From Poisonous Plants of the Southern United States:
>  Cows can be poisoned by consuming one-half to one pound of the green
> plant.

Just a couple of comments.

Herbivors like cows, deer and sheep are usually much less sensitive to
toxicity issues than are carnivors and omnivors.  Herbivors, especially
ruminants, have a  huge gut-fill relative to their size.  The huge
gut-fill dilutes the toxin and slows the rate at which the toxin enters
the bloodstream.  The other factor appears to be that herbivors have
very active and sophisticated kidneys so they can get rid of the toxins
more quickly.  The upshot is that a dose that will make a deer woozy
will kill a human.

Have you considered planting later apples?  I do not know what your end
use is, but there are many fine, very late apples.  Keepsake, GoldRush,
Golden Russet are just a few.    I was slow in growing late apples
because the were not at their prime when I was visiting orchards and
making cultivar decisions.  Most of the super late varieties do not
reach their prime until they have been stored a while.  The benefit,
from a deer standpoint, is that you can pick the apples after the start
of bow season.  That is when the deer become invisible around
here....especially if you let friends stake out your orchard.

Gotta go.  I am getting too much help in my typing from my eighteen
month old boypao  dfjia[ ak

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