[nafex] late Fred Jansen's orchard

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Fri Sep 29 23:53:00 EDT 2000

To my knowledge, the new owners of Fred's orchard are not really interested
in apples and are not caring for the orchard. I don't think visitors are
For more information, you may write to his wife
Walda Janson
932 Glendale Court
Burlington, Ont. L7R 4J3

On the subject of Fred's orchard, I would be interested to know if we could
reconstitute the main part of Fred's collection from those of us that got
wood from him. As far as I know, his orchard was maybe the only canadian
source for many hard-to-find apple varieties. He sent me in 1994 the list
of the varieties he had - there are at least 50 names in there that I have
never seen anywhere else.
For my part, I would be happy to share with the NAFEX community the (too
few) varieties I got from Fred and are not common in Canada. These are:
King of the Pippins (Reine de reinettes), Croncels (Transparente de),
Katja, Chenango Strawberry, Rubinette, Glowing Heart (this is a red fleshed
apple bred by Fred), Pink Princess (also bred by Fred and formely called
Pink Lady), Ashmead Kernel, Geneva Red and Wayne.
There are a few others I got from him, but these never got going at my
place, possibly because of lack of cold hardiness.

Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec.

A 10:14 00.09.29 -0400, vous avez écrit : 
Hello all
Does anyone know if the orchard of the late Fred Jansen is operating & open
to the public?
If open can you tell me the name/phone number/address of the new owner?
Thank you
Bert Dunn   RR4 Tottenham   Ont    zone 4b

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