[nafex] NAFEX and Experts

Tom Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Fri Sep 29 12:52:57 EDT 2000

Ward Barnes wrote:

>Not finding a "manager" available I wrote a letter to the store home
>office letting them know what a disservice they were doing to their
>customers.  I never received a reply and I have never been back.


Although I cannot say a lot in defense of "mega-box" stores, I can say they get
fruit trees good/bad/otherwise into the hands of backyard growers.

I know, I was one.  I bought a peach tree at Home Depot, follwed the planting
instructions and waited.  In no time, I was rquesting information from the local
agricultural extension office, learning about peach tree pruning and its various
forms, peach pests, fireblight, finding the pesticide program that worked for me
(and that tree), and bascially falling in love with fruit trees.  And I didn't
even know it was happening.

My house lot is too small to have any number of trees, but I am nurturing a
quince, along with some currants, grapes and other edible landscape and I am a
long way from being an expert, but I enjoy it.

And I owe it all to that badly labled, low quality peach tree, bought at a
mega-box store.

Just out of curiosity...  Has anyone ever though of a joint project between
NAFEX and one of the mega-box store chains, where each fruit tree carried a
label inviting the consumer to join NAFEX?

And please, no one tell my wife that the little scrub apple I planted is not a
dwarf.  8^)

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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