[nafex] Keepsake: Day length sensitive?

Naomi Ann Counides beefalo at rmci.net
Fri Sep 29 10:52:15 EDT 2000

Good idea!  Are there other apples with day length sensitivity? I am, also
growing Golden Nugget.  At least that is what South Meadows said they sent.
I have it espaliered.  It is loaded with large smooth greenish apples with a
blush. Very good flavor but milder than a Keepsake.

jhecksel at voyager.net wrote:

> Hi All:
> Seems like many growers in the lower Mid-West and South have very low
> fruiting on cultivars that fruit heavily in the North....like Keepsake.
> In fact, Tim Udall (sp?) in St. Johns, Arizona wrote an article in
> Pomona on cultivars that he had been unable to fruit.
> Is it possible that some cultivars of apples are day length
> sensitive....that they do not set fruiting buds if the day length does
> not reach a certain length?  Certain fruits, strawberries for instance,
> are extremely sensitive to daylength.  The California strawberry
> industry grows the plants at one latitude.  They are highly vegetative.
> Shipped to another latitude (approximately 200 miles) they set no
> vegetative buds and function as everbearers.
> So I propose a quick survey.  Let's find the most southerly NAFEX member
> who reliably fruits Keepsake.  Mine are TOO productive.  They are
> biennial bearers.  I am at 42 degrees, 30 minutes North.
> By-the-way, Keepsake is an excellent apple when fully ripe.  I had been
> eating it half-ripe for many years.  The half-ripe Keepsake had a grassy
> aftertaste.  I was not impressed until we had an exceptionally warm
> year.  That year, the Keepsake were as good as the Sweet 16.

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