[nafex] NAFEX and Experts

Ed & Pat Fackler rocmdw at aye.net
Fri Sep 29 08:59:11 EDT 2000

"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:

> My views on what?   I must have missed something.
>     I goes without saying that NAFEX members generally have more fruit
> growing experience than the public at large, though that isn't always saying
> a lot.  It drove me nuts writing fruit articles for mass market magazines at
> first - the editors just wanted very basic information - until I accepted
> the fact that most home growers are doing good if they plant trees right
> side up.  I get regular verification of this from the ridiculously
> simple-minded questions on grapes I get.  Just had someone write and ask for
> the name of the "sweet red seedless grape they tasted".  I'd bet Ed gets
> lots of that kind of thing, too.  So by comparison, just about all NAFEX
> members are fruit growing geniuses.

     My response-----------

     Lon is absolutely right on re: the above.  NAFEXers are indeed incredibly
well versed compared to the massess.
     If any NAFEXer needs verification on this, simply go to a nearby WalMart
parking lot around 11 am on Saturday----sit in your car and watch for only a
short while.
     When my friend Michael Maltas showed up from Zimbabwae back in the early
80s, I used to take him there to quickly intro him to American cutlure.  You may
be surprized at the difficulty in explaining what happens to an alien!!!!
     And Lon, by default, has alluded to NAFEX's foremost singular problem, or we
(older NAFEXers) have often become preoccupied with self pontification when we
need to be focusing on REAL communication/education with the masses.  And I'm not
at all pointing fingers at anyone (except myself).
     I think that we (NAFEX) needs desperately to promote local chapters
somehow.  (Don Zeigler's group in PA, MIDFEX in Chicago, etc., are doing a killer
job in this regard.)
     Anyways, this is my view.

Ed, heaven, etc

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